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Venue fee for Day Visitors:
There is a Venue Entrance Fee for Day Visitors, which allows you access to the swimming pool and beautiful venue facilities from 10:00-22:00.
Day Visitor fee = NT$ 200 per person.
Kids aged 3 years and older are calculated as 1 person.  
Pay at the entrance when you arrive.
(NB* If you've booked a Chalet or Camping Stand, then the Venue Entrance Fee is included.)

日間遊客場地門票:每人 $200 (門票恕不抵消費)。

Book your chalet 預訂您的木屋

Want to stay overnight?

Please note:
if you would like to stay overnight, please book your camping stand or chalet early!


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Check out this year's Potjiekos contest

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​ Mailing address: 34-4 Shuei Yuan Di, Chang Zhu Li, East District, Chiayi City, 60075

公司地址: 60075 嘉義市東區長竹里水源地34之4號

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