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Chalet 4-person (4人) 經濟家庭房

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Chalet 4-person (4人) 經濟家庭房


About the course

Amenities: Air Conditioning, TV, Shower, Telephone
★ Room numbers: 127-130 (only four chalets available) ★房間號碼:126-130(共四間)。
★ Furnished on the second floor, with 3 double beds. ★2樓式房間陳設,每間套房皆有3張雙人床。
★ Separate space on the upper and lower floors, which can be used as a saloon space.
★ The basic number of people staying in the family room is 4 people, so please add NT$ 300 for each additional person, maximum = 6 people.
★ Check-in time: 15:00 PM / Check-out time: 11: 00 AM
* Please strictly observe the wearing of swimwear and cap upon entering the pool. Long hair must be tied up. Pets swimming is strictly prohibited... we apologize for any inconvenience!
★入住時間:下午03:00/ 退房時間:早上11:00

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