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Beach Braai 'n Beatz 南非沙灘趴 2023

2023/11/18 (六) 

11:00 ~ 24:00


Cijin Sunset Bar
No. 1050, Qijin 3rd Road, Qijin Beach, Kaohsiung



Beach Touch Rugby Tournament  10:00~16:00

Join in a fun day at the beach and enter your Beach Touch Rugby Team. Only ten spots available, so enter today! All are welcome. Deadline for entries: 2023/10/18


Beach Touch Rugby Tournament details:
Date: Saturday  2023/11/18
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Venue: Cijin Sunset Bar; No. 1050, Cijin 3rd Road, Cijin Beach, Kaohsiung 「旗津沙灘吧」高雄市旗津區旗津三路1050號


~Playing Rules: FIT touch rules, 10 in a squad, 5 on the field
~Referees: Each team supplies 2 officials
~Winning team will receive a trophy.

* Maximum of 10 Teams can enter the tournament
Team Entry Fee: NT$6,500 (Teams are only confirmed once payment is received)
Each team receives:
~ 1  tent (3mx3m), 1 table, chairs
~ 2 cases of bottled water
~ 1 case of beer on ice
~ Team players receive free entry to the SaffaFest event

We are proud to collaborate with:

Cijin Sunset Bar logo.png


***There are free showers beside the beach to get clean after games and/ or swimming.***

Please note: Free Entry is for Team members only, maximum 10 people. Team supporters/ parents of players must arrive before 3pm to enjoy free “Rugby Supporters Entry”, otherwise they need to pay a minimum charge of NT$300 if they want to enter the event after 3pm)


*NB* Please don't bring food or drinks from outside!

Please support the Vendors and the Bar.
This is the only way we can continue to host these events.

There will be plenty of Food Vendors (including "sides" for your braai meat packs) and plenty of drinks and alcohol on sale. 
* 禁帶外食!
* 歡迎到攤販跟酒吧購買飲食,這是您對我們能持續舉辦活動的最大支持。
* 當天會有許多攤販,販賣肉品、烤肉配菜、飲品及酒精飲料⋯等。

* The Beach Rugby Team Tents are next to the DIY Braai area with access to the communal braais and communal braai equipment.
* Order your braai meat packs separately on our SaffaFest DIY Braai (bbq) webpage. Scroll down, the link is here below.  (* Registration for Meat Packs closes on 11 November 2023)

附註: * 活動DIY烤肉區緊臨帳篷區,您可以直接使用公共烤肉設備。* 禁帶外食!
          * 請在DIY烤肉網頁上訂購您當天欲享用之肉品(請於11月11日前完成訂購手續,屆時訂購網頁將會關閉)。

Beach braai braaimaster.jpg

Please Register your Beach Rugby Team by: 

2023/10/28 前預購

 Braai (bbq)DIY 燒烤

Sausage shack logo.png

We are proud to collaborate with:
Sausage Shack


 Braai (bbq) DIY 燒烤
11:00 ~ 20:00

Braai pack white SMELLS.jpg
Braai pack red SMELLS.jpg
Iconic braai smoke sea.jpg
$300/ $250元
Love to braai (bbq)?
Then you’re gonna ❤️ the DIY Braai (bbq)!

喜歡燒烤嗎?歡迎您來現場體驗輕而易舉的 DIY燒烤活動。

Register your Braai Meat Packs today. Pay when you collect!     

已報名的來賓現場付費即可!Deadline for braai packs orders:

2022/11/11 前預購

Pre-orders for Meat Braai Packs are closed 報名預訂截止‼️
On the day, come to the DIY Braai Tent to enquire if there are any extra Meat Braai packs available for sale. See you on the beach! 

P.S. Don't forget there are also other event activities!  
別忘記當日還有其他活動可以參加喔 !

Pangea International Co. Ltd. 攀吉亞有限公司  
VAT number  統一編號 : 28045719

​ Mailing address: 34-4 Shuei Yuan Di, Chang Zhu Li, East District, Chiayi City, 60075

公司地址: 60075 嘉義市東區長竹里水源地34之4號

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